Breakdown: Why trees can help you breathe better

Breakdown: Why trees help you breathe better

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The benefits of trees range from reducing energy to improving air quality. Thankfully, the Mid-South is blessed with a high concentration of trees and one of the better air quality levels for a large city.

Due to the absorption of carbon dioxide, trees are a necessary component to our ecosystem. In Memphis, trees removed 15.4 million tons of CO2. However, trees also capture pollutants, which helps increase air quality.

The shade from trees also provides a reduction in ozone and energy consumption. Ozone is temperature dependent, which means it increases when temperatures are higher. In addition, trees can keep buildings cooler in the summer, which results in less energy being used for air conditioning.

Trees and other vegetation also help during heavy rain events. The trees can absorb water, which means less of that water is running into the streets. This reduces storm runoff, so flash flooding is less likely.

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