Memphis chefs opening new restaurant amid the pandemic

Memphis chefs opening new restaurant amid the pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - At a time when so many restaurants are struggling and even closing because of COVID-19, two Memphis chefs are taking a big chance with a new business.

“It’s obviously not a great time to open a restaurant. Our industry has been devastated,” said Brad McCarley, Salt | Soy.

And yet, Executive Chef Brad McCarley and Alchemy owner Nick Scott plan to open a new restaurant in the Broad Avenue district this month.

Salt | Soy is opening in the space where The Lucky Cat used to reside.

COVID-19 did that restaurant in.

McCarley’s restaurant on South Main Street was also a victim of COVID-19.

It’s a gamble for Scott and McCarley, but the space offers something that other spaces do not. And it just may be a gamble with an edge.

“This space, as it stands right now with social distancing, we have 52 seats outside. I feel like that is going to be our saving grace with the pandemic.”

McCarley says there is enough space to increase outdoor dining to 75 people. Health experts say outdoor dining is generally safer than indoor dining.

But there are more positives to opening on Broad.

McCarley points out that there could be even more customers available. A large apartment complex is being built just down the street.

McCarley says there already a lot of people who already live in this neighborhood and they are potential customers.

And the menu…

“It’s gonna be kind of like Asian Southern Fusion.”

Where does the southern part fit in?

“Chicken fried chicken dumpling dumpling.”

Of course.

Salt | Soy is scheduled to open around Halloween.

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