Mid-South lawmakers react to Vice Presidential debate

Mid-South lawmakers react to Vice Presidential debate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Mid-South lawmakers are reacting to Wednesday night’s Vice Presidential debate.

Democratic Congressman Steve Cohen and Republican Congressman David Kustoff were both critical of the other side’s candidates.

“He interrupted so much, and that’s Mike Pence,” Cohen said. “I think he was doing that partially at Trump’s direction but I think he turned off women voters, independent voters and I think that Kamala Harris won.”

Congressman Kustoff gave his thoughts on the debate.

“The people getting to know Sen. Harris is very important and what came out last night. There are a number of things and one is she is truly on the progressive side of voting in the Senate,” he said.

Sen. Kamala Harris and Vice President Mike Pence went head-to-head on topics from climate change to race.

“I think we heard more last night by far than we learned in that first Presidential debate between Trump and Biden,” said WMC Political Analyst Mike Nelson.

However, one of the biggest contention points was the coronavirus pandemic.

“210,000 dead people in our country, over 7 million people have contracted this disease, 1 in 5 businesses closed,” Sen. Harris said.

Vice President Pence echoed President Donald Trump’s sentiments of success.

“He suspended all travel from China -- that decision alone by President Trump bought us invaluable time,” VP Pence said.

WMC Political Analyst Mike Nelson says he doesn’t think any minds were changed by the VP debate, but we know where each party stands..

“I don’t know that anybody’s mind was changed last night. I think everybody who watched the debate got a better sense of where the democrats and republicans are lining up in this election and what they propose to do if their Presidential candidate wins,” Nelson said.

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