West Memphis opens its latest medical marijuana dispensary

West Memphis opens 3rd medical marijuana dispensary

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Arkansas is the only state in the Mid-South where medical marijuana is legal. This is something voters approved back in 2016.

On Sunday, a new dispensary opened up in West Memphis. There now three shops in West Memphis, all of which opened up this year.

“The first few hours have been pretty responsive from the community,” said Timothy Moore Manager, West Memphis Dispensary.

The state of Arkansas has medical marijuana dispensary zones.

West Memphis is part of zone 3 where the state only allows four dispensaries.

These are the locations of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas.
These are the locations of medical marijuana dispensaries in Arkansas. (Source: Arkansas Medical Marijuana Commission/Arkansas Democrat-Gazette)

West Memphis Mayor Marco McClendon says with all three dispensaries now open he’s excited to see these businesses generate money for the city.

“To have all three open, I’m anticipating seeing how well they are going to do, definitely for the tax that it generates for the city that we can do other positive things here,” said McClendon.

McClendon also says he’s talked with all three owners and says they are willing to invest in the community, and when it comes to support the dispensaries are glad to have a mayor like McClendon.

“To be just accepted by the community because medical marijuana is kind of a polarizing topic in some states,” said Moore.

Moore says the goal was to originally open back in July, but the pandemic pushed back inspection dates and they are still having some challenges.

“As well as us being slowed down some of the cultivators have slowed down, so getting product has been a challenge. We have some cultivators delivering as far from as 5 hours,” said Moore.

McClendon says since the first dispensary opened he hasn’t seen any negative impact and would like to use money generated for public transportation and resources for the youth.

Mississippi could be the second state in the Mid-South to legalize medical marijuana. There are two initiatives that will be on the November ballot for Mississippi residents to vote on.

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