Memphians can request speed humps to slow down speeding drivers on neighborhood streets

Memphians can request speed humps to slow down speeding drivers on neighborhood streets

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis residents are using a city traffic program to help slow down speeding in their neighborhood. Hundreds have made requests to get speed humps on roads.

Whether on a highway or neighborhood streets there is a good chance you’ll see someone speeding every now and then. The State Department of Safety and Homeland Security reports 171 traffic fatalities this year so far, compared to a total of 102 in 2019 and 94 in 2018.

One way the City of Memphis has tried to slow down drivers is with speed humps. The Speed Hump Program was started in ’98.

The City’s Traffic Engineering Division currently has hundreds of requests from residents all over the city asking for speed humps on their neighborhood streets to stop reckless drivers.

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To request a speed hump, citizens can download a request form from the city’s website. Fill out the form - identifying yourself and the street you think needs a speed hump.

The Traffic Engineering Division will evaluate the street to make sure it meets all the criteria for a speed hump.

The rules state: “Street segments that do meet the criteria must be approved by at least 75 percent of the residences within an identified impact area.”

If the street does not meet the criteria, residents have to wait two years until they can make another request.

Since mid-September, the Traffic Engineering Division started the process of installing speed humps on 18 roads around the Elvis Presley Boulevard and Memphis International Airport area. The process is expected to take until mid-January 2021.

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