Demolition of old gas station starts in Osceola

Mayor Wilson and the city of Osceola are putting their improvement plan in action

Osceola to demolish old gas station; Two city-wide cleanups beginning this weekend

OSCEOLA, Ark. (KAIT) - The work to get rid of a building that city officials have called an eyesore has begun.

According to a post on the Osceola City Facebook page, work began on the plan to remove a gas station building.

The removal of the eyesore located at the interstate entrance of Osceola is underway. A big thanks to the Community Improvement Task force and our partner for progress Big River Steel for making this happen.

Posted by City of Osceola on Thursday, November 5, 2020

City officials said in October that since 2016, the city of Osceola has had a plan to improve their city for the next 25 years.

The plan is titled “Osceola Forward, 2040” which includes changing the appearance of the city’s gateway.

The first step is to demolish the old Mobil Gas Station, which has not been in business in decades.

Mayor Sally Wilson describes the gas station as an “eyesore."

“It’s discouraging, and it also lowers the value of the properties,” Mayor Wilson said in October.

She believes the demolition of abandoned properties will give more opportunities for new businesses to come into the city, invite more residents, and reduce crime.

“It raises the morale as a community, and it strengthens the town as a whole,” Mayor Wilson commented.

The city also hosted a pair of events in October to help clean up the town.

The first event was dedicated to the main roads that come into and through downtown going north, while the second event consisted of cleaning residential neighborhoods.

The volunteers included residents, churches, businesses, and the Osceola High School Football team.

Mayor Wilson says the cleanup will encourage the younger generations to keep Osceola clean.

“Be the example. Be the example for our young people. Let them see that there’s other people in the community out there that are willing to pick up trash,” Mayor Wilson said.

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