Suspects steal 3 high-end vehicles from valet station at Memphis restaurant

Luxury cars stolen from East Memphis valet

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis police are looking for three high-end rides stolen from outside a high-end Memphis restaurant. The thieves were able to steal the keys from the valet station.

Those pricey rides worth almost $200,000 were stolen from the valet section from Folks Folly here on Mendenhall near Poplar. It happened Sunday while it was still light outside around 6:30 p.m.

“They said Mr. Green you’re going to have to speak to MPD. Your car was stolen," said victim John Green.

That ended a day that started on a low point.

Green had to put his father’s dog, Shelby, down, his last connection to his father who died four years ago.

He and his fiancée and family decided to eat at the upscale East Memphis restaurant Folks Folly to boost their mood. And it did for a while.

“We had a great time," said Green. “Everybody was wonderful in there.”

Wonderful, until he gave the valet the number for his $50,000 Acura, similar to this one.

The car had been stolen by some guys who took keys from the key box on the west side of the restaurant. The crooks took the keys from the key box hit the key fob which lit up the cars they stole.

Police say a $90,000 Audi was also taken along with a $27,000 Mustang convertible.

“Shocked and dismayed and I’m not sure anybody would have thought that their cars would be stolen out of a valet situation.”

Investigators say around 6:30 Sunday night four or five guys wearing hoodies and masks drove around the parking lot fast on to Mendenhall three times in a burnt orange Infiniti SUV that was stolen on Germantown Parkway.

They suddenly stopped by the key box. The alarmed valet went inside to alert managers.

The valet box was unlocked.

Green doesn’t blame Folks Folly, he says it could happen anywhere.

“It’s very disturbing and you want everybody to know out there, that you have to be vigilant," said Green.

“It’s just kind of sad that you can’t really go anywhere now without the fear of something happening even during a pandemic," said Memphian Ryan Ware.

The manager at Folks Folly told WMC he did not want to comment on camera but said the restaurant is working on new procedures to help prevent this from happening again. He said what that will has not yet been decided. He adds he is grateful the valet was not injured during the incident.

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