Trump, Biden supporters line streets of Nashville sharing thoughts on presidential candidates

Trump, Biden supporters line the streets outside Belmont University

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WMC) - There was no public access to Belmont’s campus for the debate. But you wouldn’t have known that from the way that Trump and Biden supporters lined the streets in Nashville.

People here told WMC they had to come out and show support -- that the stakes were too high.

The crowds on Wedgewood Avenue just outside Belmont University’s campus started growing mid-afternoon Thursday. As the minutes ticked by leading up to the debate -- the chants and cheers got louder.

Biden supporters said this election is a referendum on President Donald Trump.

Crowds growing off campus ahead of debate

“Donald Trump is a liar,” said Shannon Mulchay.

Belmont freshman Aeriel Towles says she wants to see Trump limited to one term.

“The problem is his selfishness,” she said. “He doesn’t view human lives, Black lives as valuable.”

Joe Knight is a loyal Trump supporter and says he and his family are better off than they were four years ago.

“Donald Trump is doing the right thing for the country,” said Knight. “And his heart is in the right place. And I know that he is good for this country.”

Trump and Biden supporters stood side by side -- making pleas to each other -- and to those driving by.

Sheila Morris drove down from Chicago and told us two of her kids support Biden, but...

"Myself and my son are supporting Trump,' she said. “We have to live under one roof and I want to show that we can all be here together.”

Law enforcement kept the peace.

Both sides sparred for hours but that’s to be expected given the polarizing pandemic political climate. And 12 days until Election Day.

Most folks left to watch the debate elsewhere once it started. The ones that did stick behind watched it on their phones.

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