With debate closed to the public, crowd waits off campus to support candidates

Crowds growing off campus ahead of debate

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - There is no public access to the presidential debate at Nashville’s Belmont University, but just across the street are crowds with passionate supports from both sides.

If you’re looking for differing opinions at the site of the final presidential debate, you’ll find them.

COVID-19 safety protocols restrict access to Nashville debate

Tom Moran drove all the way from Michigan to vouch for Vice President Joe Biden.

“In America, we need to speak up if things are going wrong,” said Moran.

Bob Kunst drove all the way from Florida to support President Donald Trump.

“I’m also here to lend my support to the president,” said Kunst. “I like what he’s doing. I like that he fights back.”

President Trump arrives at Belmont University ahead of the debate

The area around campus has been bustling all day with native Nashvillians and tourists hoping to sneak a peek of presidential politics in action.

Kristin Litzinger, from Arkansas, has a daughter who’s a freshman at Belmont. She said her whole family with dueling political views drove in to be close to this moment.

“We are all a political family and we’re all for different candidates, but we just came together to be here as an American and stand up for our country,” said Litzinger. “It’s an exciting time for all of us.”

Security is very tight and access to campus is extremely limited. Because of COVID-19, no one from the outside is allowed into the debate hall, leaving everyone, even local media, in the age of social distancing to watch the debate from our screens.

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