Health officials approve certain haunted houses to operate during pandemic

Health officials approve certain haunted houses to operate during pandemic

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Haunted houses are a tradition during Halloween. But are they safe during this pandemic? The Shelby County Health Department has visited a few haunted houses, and there are a lot of precautions in place.

Jeremy Doty owns the Haunted Web off South Perkins, a health department approved Halloween attraction.

“They walked around. They saw everything that we are doing and loved what they saw,” Doty said.


He has put in place a lot of precautions to make visitors feel safe such as a sign with instructions demonstrated by ghouls and monsters.

There are roped off lanes with social distancing markers on the floor.

People get a dose of hand sanitizer 3 times– when they come in, buy a ticket, and before entering the very scary medical detention center.

“Our staff puts the hand sanitizer on them just to make sure everybody is doing it,” Doty explained.

On the trek through the different sections of the haunted house with sets worthy of a Hollywood movie, a couple of visitors are sent in every 3 minutes as opposed to 6 to 8 people every minute as in the past. The actors inside make sure people don’t lag so spacing is maintained.

It is an operation that should stave off fears during this pandemic.

“We felt very safe. It was all stacked out. The actors were wearing masks. We were wearing masks. There’s no touching. We had a ball doing it and felt safe doing it as well,” haunted house visitor Michael Gusmus said.

Gusmus and his family visited the Wicked Ways Haunted House off Broad, an attraction also approved by the health department.

A Halloween haunting at these scary venues meant to be very safe and very frightening.

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