MAS launches program to save more animals

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis Animal Services is starting a program in hopes of getting more pets adopted and preventing the shelter from being overcrowded.

“What was unbearable was the idea that simply because we ran out of a 4 x 6′ enclosure that an animal had to lose its life,” said Alexis Pugh, Director Memphis Animal Services.

Euthanasia for space is what animal shelters across the nation do to make room for new pets who need a home. Pugh wants to put an end to it.

MAS new strategies to save more animals

“It is our job, it is our responsibility, it is our obligation to do more than just be a dog catcher,” she stated.

MAS now has a Pet Resource Center where citizens who find pets contact the shelter and receive assistance with fostering the animals in their own homes.

“We have a dedicated pet resource specialist who is going to call you back. We’re going to schedule you an appointment to come in. We’re going to vaccinate that pet, provide everything that you need for that pet, take photographs, market it on our website. We’re going to be partners in an effort to find that pet a permanent home if we’re unable to locate its previous owner,” Pugh explained.

It does not mean MAS is turning pets away. Pugh said it gives pets a better chance at being adopted housing, a higher chance of being reunited with owners and a greater chance for longer life.

“If we can change that old mindset that every animal needs to set foot inside the shelter and be placed in a kennel and look at us more in that pet resource way, I think we can weed out just enough of that shelter intake to end euthanasia for space,” said Pugh.

MAS still states that if you do see an animal that poses a public safety risk then you should continue to call 545-COPS. Otherwise, you can reach their Pet Resource Center at 636-1418.

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