Mid-South lawmakers react to Amy Coney Barrett joining Supreme Court

Mid-South lawmakers react to Barrett joining Supreme Court

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Mid-South lawmakers took to Twitter to share their thoughts on Justice Amy Coney Barrett’s confirmation.

Republican Senator Lamar Alexander said he voted to confirm Barret because “she demonstrates all the characteristics I look for in a Judge.”

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn agreed, calling Barrett an “eminently qualified constitutionalist.”

Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith also voted for Barrett’s. She tweeted, the U.S. Senate has rarely ever had a nominee with the exceptional qualifications and characteristics of justice Barrett.

On the other side of the aisle, Democratic Senator Steve Cohen tweeted that Republicans, “gained two federalist society cleared Supreme Court seats.” He said it’ll affect women, the LGBT community, healthcare and the environment.

Other Rhodes College alumni were also worried that Barrett’s confirmation would affect those groups of people. It’s why they previously wrote a letter to Congress urging them not to vote for the Rhodes college graduate.

Barrett is now the second Rhodes alumni to be a Supreme Court Justice, after Abe Fortas who served in the 60s.

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