Democratic TN US Senate candidate Bradshaw votes in Memphis as early voting ends

Democratic TN US Senate candidate Bradshaw votes in Memphis as early voting ends

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphian and Democratic U.S. Senate candidate in Tennessee Marquita Bradshaw voted Thursday afternoon with her family at the Glenview Community Center off Lamar Avenue.

“I am a Black woman running for U.S. Senate from South Memphis. Me being on the ballot is actually breaking through a concrete ceiling from the state of Tennessee,” she said.

Bradshaw is in the final days of a grassroots campaign to represent Tennessee in the U.S. Senate after her stunning primary win in August. This week she secured an endorsement from Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

“We have built this movement across this whole state, small business owners, small farmers, just hard working people,” Bradshaw said. “Right now, they want a voice in D.C. to make sure that everybody has healthcare, we have an environment with a transition away from pollution, we have an economy that works for working people and not just the ultra rich.”

Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett said 2.1 million Tennesseans had voted once polls closed Wednesday. Those totals are up 38 percent from 2016 and 60 percent from 2012.

Half of registered voters in Shelby County have already cast ballots.

“I see a tremendous number of people getting out and getting out early to vote. They want to make certain their vote is counted. I’m very pleased we are seeing this sort of turnout,” Bill Hagerty, the Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in Tennessee, said.

Hagerty said he is seeing enthusiasm among supporters of President Donald Trump in the state. Hagerty said he believes the state’s voters trust Trump and Republicans more on the economy, and that will be reflected on Election Day.

“After seeing the performance of this economy in the first three and a half years, I think Tennesseans are clear. They don’t want to hand the keys over,” Hagerty said, “The energy and enthusiasm that I feel is palpable. People have been very positive about me as a candidate and about my plans to get our economy turned around again and moving in the right direction.”

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