Shelby County prosecutor fired; TBI brought in to investigate

Former assistant D.A. accused of misusing confidential information

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is taking a closer look at what was happening inside the Shelby County District Attorney’s Office.

An Assistant district attorney is accused of misusing confidential information.

Shelby County General Amy Weirich recused herself from the case.

Assistant District Attorney Glenda Adams is accused of misconduct by misusing confidential information.

“District attorneys have access to a lot of confidential information especially the police reports that are available to them long before the defense,” said Criminal Defense Attorney Claiborne Ferguson.

Ferguson is not involved in the case but says the accusations are serious.

“For an attorney, it could be something that causes them to lose their license so the risk of losing your license is always worse than the punishment than anyone can give you for the crime,” said Ferguson.

District Attorney General Bryant Dunaway in East Tennessee has been appointed to the case to replace Weirich. Dunaway would not comment on the ongoing investigation. It’s unclear at this time who was the recipient of the confidential information or how the investigation could affect other cases.

“The prosecutor has obviously handled hundreds of cases this year depending on what the disclosure was and who it was given to. That’s going to determine if we have to go back and look at old cases,” said Ferguson.

According to Adams' Linkedin page that has since been deleted, she describes herself as “an experienced assistant district attorney with a demonstrated history of working in the law enforcement industry."

General Weirich terminated Adams' employment with the office last week.

There have been no arrests in this case.

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