Silverfield to give players off day to vote

Silverfield to give players off day to vote
(Source: WMC)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Memphis Tigers football squad is busily putting the finishing touches on its preparations for Cincy - but, it also has another goal in mind.

That’s 100 percent participation in the voting process as good stewards of American Citizenship. Memphis head coach Ryan Silverfield said he’s giving his players the day off next Tuesday, Election Day.

“We’re actually going to, that day, we’re going to practice on Monday, early evening due to the election, and that way, any of our student-athletes who didn’t have the opportunity to do that, would then have their opportunity to vote," said Silverfield.

"And that’s the great thing is, we want them to feel they can voice their opinions and understand what it means to have the ability to vote.  And, whoever they decide to vote for, just the power of having that choice is just so important.”  

While Election Day is next Tuesday, kickoff for the Tigers and Bearcats is 11 a.m. Saturday in Cincinnati. You can see it on ESPN.

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