Breakdown: Why winter could be warmer than normal

Breakdown: Why winter could be warmer than normal

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - After a mild Fall, temperatures are expected to be above average for the winter months. We are also anticipating many areas being drier than normal November through January.

This is because of a La Nina weather pattern, which is a climate pattern in the Pacific ocean. This results in a change in our upper level wind pattern, or jet stream, which impacts weather around the world.

This La Nina could affect temperatures and precipitation here in the Mid-South over the next three months. Typically during a La Nina, we get warmer than normal temperatures in the Mid-South. Temperatures for the months of November, December and January will overall be warmer than normal.

So does this mean that we won’t have any snow? Not exactly. Although the overall trend will be above average temperatures, there will still be cold days and maybe even winter precipitation.

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