Precinct changes cause confusion, long lines and frustrations at some polling places

Problems at the polls

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Voters scrambled to get to the polls for Election Day and found them crowded.

Some precinct changes caused problems with voters.

It was a very busy day at the polls where residents in Jackson and in Ridgeland were confused and frustrated because their voting precinct moved.

Voters at the McLeod Elementary precinct grew weary of the long wait to cast their ballots.

“Two hours 29 minutes and counting,” said one man inside the precinct holding up the running clock on his cell phone.

Many who normally vote at St. Phillips Episcopal Church down the street said they only learned recently of the precinct change to McLeod.

Both precinct 45 the St. Phillips voters and precinct 36 voters are casting ballots at McLeod.

Renee Houston usually votes at St. Phillips and said she was not notified of the change.

“A nightmare which is what it still is but I can’t get out of line because I’ve go to vote, and then I’ve got an appointment,” said Houston. “I’m not going to be able to make my appointment because some people say they’ve been in line, and they stayed in line like three hours."

Jackson resident Michelle Mitchell said she received information in the mail about the precinct move.

“We showed up here and they’ve had people telling us where to go and where to be and it’s been pretty straight forward to us. We’ve had a good experience,” said Mitchell.

There were long lines during the day in Ridgeland where there was another precinct change.

Residents who voted at the Ridgeland Rec Center were directed to the Mark Apartments on Lake Harbour Drive.

The poll manager says 3,000 voters registered at the Rec Center will cast their ballots at the apartment complex instead.

Some only found out about the change when they went to the Rec Center to vote.

The line to enter the apartment club house where ballots were cast extended to the sidewalk along Lake Harbour Drive.

“I saw it earlier today and I was like I can’t go right now, and I’m having to take off work to do this,” said Trina Tanner. “My husband is gonna come once I get through, because he’s sitting with my mother”.

Others in line weren’t as bothered by the wait as they were about the lack of parking at the apartment complex.

Some McLeod voters were also displeased that there was no drive-in voting and no accommodations for the elderly and disabled.

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