Voter Guide: Everything you need to know about Election Day in the Mid-South

SCEC ready for Election Day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - November 3 is Election Day. People across the Mid-South will not only be voting for President, but important decisions locally will be made. Medical marijuana initiatives, Congress, the U.S. House of Representatives and more will also be on the ballots.

Voting locations are open from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm in Tennessee and Mississippi. Polling sites are open from 7:30 am to 7:30 pm in Arkansas.

Here’s more information on voter ID requirements in


Many people in the Mid-South have already cast their ballots. In fact, more than half of Tennessee’s registered voters have completed their civic duty.

According to state election officials, a record 51 percent of the state’s electorate, roughly 2.3 million voters, opted to vote early or vote absentee this year. That’s a state record for early voting.

Arkansas also saw record early voting numbers. We know at least 643,000 people voted early there. With another 104,000 returning absentee ballots.

If you’re heading out to vote in the Magnolia state on Election Day, you have several important decisions to make.

Apart from the presidential election and filling a US Senate Seat. Mississippians will cast their vote on Ballot Measure 3, the State Flag Referendum.

The new flag design, entitled the “In God We Trust” flag has received support from both sides of the aisle and features a magnolia flower in the center, with 20 white stars to symbolize Mississippi as the 20th state in the Union and one gold star to represent the Native Americans who originally settled here.

Mississippi voters choose state flag, decide on medical marijuana

Experts expect the flag to pass easily.

Voters will also decide if medical marijuana should be legal in Mississippi.

Arkansas voters will have to decide on a U.S. Senator on Election Day. Incumbent Republican Tom Cotton is seeking a second term against Libertarian Ricky Dale Harrington Jr.

There are also three constitutional amendments on the ballot. Issue 1 would continue a one-half percent sales tax... the money will go to state highways and bridges.

Issue 2 changes the term limits for the State’s General Assembly, preventing anyone from serving 16 years or more. Issue 3 will change how new laws or acts are proposed and approved in the General Assembly.

The Shelby County Election Commission has been prepping for the busy day. Workers will count thousands of absentee ballots at the FedExForum.

We were there Monday as the floor of the FedEx Forum was readied for the counting task. Dozens of bipartisan teams of personnel will get to work once the polls open at 7 a.m. processing the ballots, which cannot be opened until Election Day per Tennessee law.

WMC preview: A look inside FedExForum where votes are being counted on election night

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