The Latinx impact on the 2020 presidential election

The Latinx impact on the 2020 presidential election

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The result of the Presidential Election is still up in the air, but one thing that’s clear -- Latinx voters made a historic impact on the 2020 election.

According to data from Latino Decisions, 8.6 million Latinx voters sent their ballots in early, and 2.4 million of them came from first-time voters.

Another poll from Latino Decisions shows nationally about 70% of Latinx voters favor Joe Biden while 27% supported Donald Trump.

Mauricio Calvo, Executive Director of Latino Memphis, says faith and country of origin are two big influencers on how people vote.

“The Latinx vote is extremely diverse,” Calvo said. “It’s no longer a monolithic idea and to be frank, not only the Latinx vote, but any other community.”

32 million Latinos were eligible to vote in this election - among that group, Calvo says Latinx voters in Shelby county were also very active.

“For those who have gained citizenship in Shelby County participation is high which is not true across the country,” he said.

Calvo says nationwide more than 1 million Latinx people turn 18 each year, and they will remember how current politicians and policies are impacting their families.

“No politician can give these communities or these votes for granted. They need to start addressing the issues that are important to people today, not on the next election, but today,” Calvo said.

The Shelby County Election Commission says voters in Tennessee are not required to provide their race or ethnicity when registering to vote, so a breakdown of voter demographics in the county is not available.

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