Memphis Special Olympics athlete creates inclusive virtual fitness platform

Eric Massey Special Olympics iRev PKG

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Eric Massey was diagnosed with autism at the age of one. He was born premature and didn’t speak much.

Now, he’s 16 years old and a leader among the Special Olympics community. The Memphian is the first health messenger in the state of Tennessee. “The reason why I became a health messenger is because I get to help athletes stay healthy,” Massey said.

Massey is a lover of working out, swimming and kickboxing. With his leadership role, he had to create a project. He wanted to bring fitness to anyone and everyone so he developed iRev.

“It’s a virtual fitness club. iRev is short for inclusive revolution,” he described.

It’s an online platform that will host live workouts, fitness challenges, nutritional and emotional wellness videos.

“The goal is to help young people with intellectual challenges and those without to take the lead and work together to stay healthy,” Massey added.

The key word, inclusion. Eric’s mom LaShaunda Poindexter Massey says the message is “See the Ability.”

“We’re going to ask members to sign up for the inclusion pledge making sure they’re accepting to people of all ability levels and knowing how important it is for everyone to stay healthy,” she said.

Seeing the ability in her son too who has blossomed into a leader in his own community.

“It’s been amazing to see him grow from a child who had no words at two. To one who’s speaking out and inspiring others. It’s been an amazing journey,” she added.

If you’re interested in joining iRev you can sign up online by clicking here.

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