DeSoto County deputies credited with saving boy’s life after scary dirt bike accident

12-year-old survives dirt bike crash thanks to Desoto County deputies

DESOTO COUNTY, Miss. (WMC) - A 12-year-old child and his family are crediting DeSoto County deputies with saving the boy’s life after a horrific dirt bike.

The afternoon of fun quickly turned to terror when Christian, going an estimated 30 miles per hour, swerved to avoid running into his friend, and ended up hitting this tree.

The bike and the sharp footpeg lurched upward, slicing a very deep gash into Christian’s thigh.

“I work in the medical field for a living and this was something that I would see in surgery,” Ronda Crenshaw, Christian’s Grandma said.

Deputies help save boy after bike wreck

Christian’s grandparents along with a neighbor who is an off-duty firefighter applied a makeshift tourniquet using a dog leash, but they were concerned with the amount of blood Christian was losing.

That’s when Deputy Jason Brockman arrived.

“Once I saw the injury I knew how severe it was and that a tourniquet needed to be applied immediately,” Deputy Jason Brockman with Desoto County Sheriff’s Office said.

“Me knowing that they’re going to help me, pretty much blocked out most of the pain,” said Christian.

It had only been a few months after DeSoto County Sheriff’s Deputies were issued new tourniquets with the purpose of using it on injured deputies.

Within three minutes, Brockman took out and applied his tourniquet on Christian’s leg.

Hours later, after emergency surgery at LeBonhuer Children’s Hospital, doctors said that tourniquet was the reason Christian survived.

“I can’t thank them enough, they saved his life,” said Crenshaw.

“Oh, it was great. We always want a happy ending and how can it get any better?” said Brockman.

Christian and the deputies have formed a new friendship.

Christian has barely taken off this DeSoto County Sheriff’s Department hat that he was given since the incident happened. He says he wants to grow up to become a biomedical engineer and make prosthetics.

“Help people be as normal as they can get with having an injury because I’m going through it right now so might as well help other people,” said Christian.

Several times a week Christian has to get surgery to remove and change a medical sponge but he should make a full recovery. Because of his new friends, Christian’s leg and life were saved.

As a typical 12-year-old, he says he’ll definitely get back on his dirt bike as soon as he can.

“I’m going to ride it again, it just might take a minute,” he said.

“That’s not my excitement!” Crenshaw said while laughing.

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