MLGW Winter Moratorium for elderly, disabled customers deadline approaching

MLGW winter moratorium

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - An important deadline is coming up for some MLGW customers. Disabled and elderly customers can apply to prevent their power from getting disconnected during the winter.

“The Winter Moratorium program is designed to make sure that our seniors and the handicapped are not without services during the coldest time of the year,” said Gale Jones Carson, MLGW Vice President of Community and External Affairs

MLGW’s Winter Moratorium will take effect from Dec. 1 through March 1. Customers 60 years or older and disabled customers have until Sunday, November 15 to apply. Their balance must not be greater than $199.99 by the end of November. (

“The disabled or that senior person must be the customer of record to qualify for the program. The program does not relieve customers of their debt. We try to make sure they’re not disconnected,” said Jones Carson.

If the customer does have a balance after the moratorium ends, MLGW is offering payment plans to help them pay their bills.

It is something MLGW has offered thousands of customers since September this year, after ending a moratorium that started in March because of the coronavirus pandemic.

“We had initially over 30,000 customers who were eligible to be disconnected. That number has gone all the way down,” said Jones Carson.

Customers are also being encouraged to take advantage of local resources offering to help pay for utilities.

“The CSA, MIFA, Shelby County Government -- many organizations have monies designated, targeted for our customers. That money is there if they have been impacted in any kind of way by COVID,” said Jones Carson.

For more information on payment plans and assistance, CLICK HERE.

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