‘Healthy Frayser’ initiative to bring free healthy food to neighborhood

'Healthy Frayser' initiative to bring free healthy food to neighborhood

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A brand new cafe is coming to the Frayser community where people can get healthy food for free.

At 10 a.m. Friday, residents of Frayser will be able to come to the neighborhood cafe located in Redwood Estates on Roma drive and receive a free meal.

It’s part of a larger initiative called “Healthy Frayser” started a year ago by Austin Avery.

“This is for anybody in the 38127 zip code because this is a food desert,” Avery said.

It’s a sustainability hub aimed at giving Frayser residents access to fresh, uncooked, healthy food.

“The main component being our semi solar-powered aquaponics community garden. So, what we do is we actually produce healthy food,” Avery explained.

The Neighborhood Cafe is an extension of that mission.

With the help of many partners like The American heart association, Christ community health services, the Care Foundation, Ring Containers, and nutritious food from local hospitals and restaurants, the cafe is prepared to store, cook, and serve food once a week to around a 100 families.

“With the neighborhood cafe we’re right in the community, so transportation is not an issue. We’re giving it away complimentary, so money is not an issue,” Avery said.

It’s all about giving people healthier options.

“If it’s on a Friday and you coming home and you don’t feel like cooking. Instead of stopping at Wendy’s instead of stopping at McDonald’s instead of stopping at churches where the food not unhealthy, please keep the money in your pocket and stop at the neighborhood cafe,” Avery said.

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