Brady White finalist for Campbell Trophy

Brady White finalist for Campbell Trophy
Brady White with U of M (Source: Jason Whitman)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - They call it, “The Academic Heisman.” University of Memphis Quarterback Brady White is one of 12 finalists nationally for the award, formally known as the William V. Campbell Trophy.   

U of M head football coach, Ryan Silverfield, made the announcement Thursday at practice in front of the full team for White. The Campbell Trophy is given to the player who demonstrates the best academic, community service, and on-field performances.  

Brady, a sixth-year senior, is a Ph.D. candidate in Liberal Studies. He also has a master’s in sports commerce from Memphis and an undergrad business degree from Arizona State.

“I’m excited,” said White. “I believe I deserve to be recognized. but I didn’t expect it I was kinda taken aback. but I appreciate the honor. I couldn’t be here today without my family and all the academic help from the professors at Arizona State and Memphis. All the advisors, teachers... I’m very blessed, very honored this off the field award is something that I’ll always be proud of.”  

U of M Academic Services Assistant A.D.Fenandez West said, “It’s awesome! We all support our student-athletes and support them in all the things he does is great does for our office, and great for our University. And this award is really a testament to him. It’s a great honor for him.”  

White will receive an $18,000 postgraduate scholarship as a finalist. The winner’s scholarship will increase to $25,000

White is joined as a Campbell Trophy finalist by Memphian Cameron Kinley, a starting defensive back at the United States Naval Academy. But, that’s not all, the former Lausanne star is also the team captain, and more importantly, the Naval Academy’s 2021 Senior Class President. Just the fifth African American to hold that honor in the175 year history of the Naval Academy.

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