Youth Villages launches Holiday Heroes campaign

Youth Villages launches Holiday Heroes campaign

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The Holiday Season is upon us, but for some -- especially at-risk foster youth, this time of year can be difficult.

“Some of our kids have more intensive needs because if they’re in our residential treatment program, they are not at home with their family, whereas the young people we serve through in-home programs, they are at home,” Patrick Hampton, Volunteer and Development Manager with Youth Villages, said.

Youth Villages is looking for “Holiday Heroes” which are everyday people in the community who give children and youth the holiday season they deserve through gifts and donations.

“Heroes receive a wish list that’s been created by a young person in our care that gives their name interest, hobbies, favorite color, and then they list of the items they would like to have as Christmas gifts,” Hampton said.

The Rogers Family knows all too well the joy that comes from Holiday Heroes.

“They really got happy when they start passing out those big presents,” Richard Rogers said.

Richard and his wife Eunice adopted four kids seven years ago -- siblings ages 12, 10, 8, and 7.

Eunice says the Holiday Heroes program is a big help.

“Some of the things they want with four children, especially with our age and those little ones, they gift things that we won’t have time to search for,” Eunice said. “The heroes can go out and get.”

The program has been around for 20 years and served more than 30,000 children and youth.

The Rogers Family hopes people will open their hearts and even their homes to be a blessing to children at Youth Villages.

“I would tell anyone who is wanting to help if you just don’t want to be an angel, be a hero by going and signing up to be foster parents,” they said.

To donate or fulfill a child’s wish list, click here:

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