Police search for suspect after gunfire leaves community shocked in Southaven

Shooting in Southaven leaves community shocked

SOUTHAVEN, Miss. (WMC) - It was an uneasy weekend for a lot of people in North Mississippi after random gunfire left damage across their community. And now police are trying to track down who is responsible.

“Terrified Southaven residents started calling police just before midnight Friday after hearing up to 50 gunshots -- gunshots that sounded like they were moving along several roads. When it was over vehicle windows were shot out, houses hit and a gas pump had a hole in it.

“I didn’t see nothing but I did hear it," said resident Tony Spivey. "Just a lot of gunfire rapid gunfire is all I heard rapid gunfire.”

Residents ripped from their sleep.

“It drove by and like bang bang bang bang shooting everywhere," said Michael Burcham.

”When I heard that mess going on I called police," said Elizabeth.

Officers headed to Northfield and Southaven Circle where residents called about the shots and were flagged down by what they called a hysterical woman telling them she witnessed possibly as many as three vehicles on Highway 51 shooting at each other.

She told officers one of the men was shooting out of a sunroof. One bullet hit a gas pump that has a big hole in it. An 18 wheeler parked at a market was also hit.

“It was scary really scary. I was in shock," said Elizabeth.

Look at this vehicle on Nothfield off Highway 51 that had its side and back window shot out. Police say the shooting continued on to Southaven Circle then to Custer where bullets hit a house.

It continued on Chesteridge where a bullet went through a bedroom and another room.

Police found 50 shell casings. All that gunfire happened within a two-hour period according to police reports.

Investigators say the motive is not clear. It is under investigation. It is not something Southaven residents say they have ever experienced.

“Very shocked cause as long as I’ve lived here, first time I done heard it," said Spivey.

Miraculously police say no one was hit or injured. The suspects cars are described as an older model Chevy Suburban and a black car with a sunroof. If you know anything about the shootings call law enforcement.

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