MPD brings back Operation Cool Down

MPD begins 5-week operation to reduce violent crime

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis police relaunched an operation to fight the rising crime rate in Memphis.

The five-week operation began one day after a local pastor and leader of the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board known as CLERB was shot in Frayser.

“Operation Cool Down II” will have officers focusing on identifying and arresting individuals who are committing violent crimes, possessing illegal firearms, and selling illegal drugs in the city over the next five weeks.

The operation involves officers from every precinct, the Organized Crime Unit and various MPD special operation units.

Will "Operation Cool Down" stop violent crime?

“We must continue to work together to stop the violence in Memphis," said Director Mike Rallings. "We need more people to step up and call the police when they know someone who is planning to commit a crime or has committed a crime.”

This operation begins just a day after Pastor Ricky Floyd, interim chair of the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board, was shot in Frayser.

“The vehicle was hit five times and one of the bullets came through the door and went through my leg and out my leg,” said Floyd.

Floyd says he’s dedicated a lot of time to changing the community of Frayser, and he’s disappointed this would happen to him in Frayser of all places.

“A neighborhood that I’ve spent my last 20 years of trying to be an agent of transformation, transforming not only the people but the image of Frayser and man it was really hard for me to come on this morning,” said Floyd.

Floyd continued to say he’s not giving up on Frayser and if anything this incident has motivated him to work harder to really make a difference in that community.

He says when it comes to putting an end to the rising crime rate in Memphis he believes the power is in the hands of the community.

“The citizens, the citizens have to do," said Floyd. “We have to take responsibility for our own children, our own families, our own neighborhoods. If someone knows who committed this crime against me, the community has a responsibility to help the police.”

This is the second time Operation Cool Down takes place.

We reached out to MPD to find out more about this and what’s different this time, but Rallings was not available.

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