New MPD Director expected to be appointed by March 2021

MPD director retiring next year

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Current Memphis Police Department Director Mike Rallings is set to retire next year. The city’s Human Resource officer provided the Memphis City Council with an update on the search for his replacement.

Things are about to start picking up. In three weeks, the city plans to start taking applications for the position.

This will be a nationwide search.

But there’s some work that needs to be done before that.

Here’s a look at the timeline Chief Human Resources Officer Alex Smith laid out:

Right now, the city is working on developing a candidate profile and job description. They’re getting feedback from different stakeholders on that. Around Dec. 11 is when they hope to officially post the job opening.

They’ll spend January and February evaluating the applications. In late February, the mayor will select his choice. In early March, he’ll present that choice to the city council for approval.

The hope is the new police director will start on March 15.

Smith says they’re still coming up with a process so community members and others can weigh in.

Timeline for new MPD Director released
Timeline for new MPD Director released (Source: City of Memphis)

“We’ll have not decided on what the interview panel process looks like as long as counsel, they can do an interview panel process it’s pretty simple to get a number of different stakeholders and members involved in that,” said Smith. “We’re still working through what that looks like.”

Smith says the city has signed a $63,000 contract with the International Association of Chiefs of Police.

Smith says their job will be to lead this search -- like they did in 2016.

She called them “the leading gold standard” in this type of search.

She says some of the dates you saw could change, so keep that in mind. Rallings set to retire in April.

He said during his remaining time with MPD he has a list of things he wants to accomplish, including a take-home car program, changing the rank structure and restructuring the residency program.

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