Baptist searching for participants for new COVID-19 treatment trial

Baptist Memorial Healthcare begins testing Quellor effectiveness

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A leader in the Memphis medical field is recruiting for a new COVID-19 treatment trial. According to a news release, Baptist Memorial Health Care is looking for participants to test the effectiveness of Quellor.

Baptist is one of the first organizations in the country to be apart of the new COVID-19 clinical trial with INmune Bio Inc., which is a clinical-stage biotechnology company focused on developing treatments that target the immune system’s ability to fight disease.

Medical leaders are evaluating the effectiveness of Quellor, which is a medication designed to potentially prevent the progression of pulmonary complications and inflammation from coronavirus.

Dr. Jeffrey Wright, a pulmonologist at Baptist Memorial Hospital-Memphis, said “We’re hopeful that this treatment will prevent the progression of acute symptoms while helping us care for some of our most vulnerable COVID-19 patients.”

Baptist Infectious Disease Expert, Dr. Steve Threlkeld, says this trial is for patients at the highest risk of having severe symptoms.

”If we take the people most likely to really fall prey to this over exuberant immune reaction, and we give a compound or a chemical that will dampen that reaction, then we might see better survival in those folks,” he said. “So in that way, it’s an exciting trial. It’s a bit more limited than some of the trials we see. But it really gets at the ultimate cause of severest illness and death in people when they get it.”

The patients that participate will get one or two doses through injections, depending on the patient’s condition after the first dose.

To participate in the trial, the patient must have been admitted to the hospital with coronavirus, be 60 years old or older, and have preexisting conditions, like hypertension and diabetes.

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