Annual turkey pardon set to continue as planned at the White House

White House Turkey Pardon

WALCOTT, Iowa. (WMC) - While 2020 has ruffled many feathers, the annual White House Turkey Pardon will continue as planned.

Two turkeys from Walcott, Iowa will be presented to the president.

There’ll be turkey at the table this week but not Corn and Cob! These birds named after Iowa’s claim to fame will escape the holiday menu this year thanks to some executive intervention.

On Tuesday President Donald Trump will dub pardon one of these feathered friends, as for which, well that’s up to you. And the results of an online poll.

Until then, these Iowa tom’s are getting a taste of royalty.

A ‘waddle’ down the red carpet, some paparazzi and Monday night? According to 6th generation Walcott turkey farmer Ron Kardel, they’ll ‘feather’ the evening in a luxurious suite at the Willard hotel.

“The National Turkey Federation is pampering them and they are living like Kings right now,” said Kardel.

This isn’t the first time Iowa birds have flocked to the top of the list.

According to the Iowa Turkey Federation, the state ranks 7th in the country for turkey production.

“It’s especially important to me as an Iowan to represent all the turkey growers and processors from the state of Iowa,” said Kardel.

Of course, both birds will be spared, the flightless fowl will be driven back to Iowa where they will live out the rest of their lives at Iowa State University.

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