Cold Case: Memphis police still looking for suspect in Thanksgiving Day murder of veteran

Thanksgiving murder unsolved 3 years later

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - It is a cold case featured on the Memphis Police Department’s Facebook page. Police want to solve the three-year-old murder of Robert Wong. But investigators need the public’s help.

”I’m still kind of concerned, kind of shook up,” said neighbor Kelvin Stephen’s. “It could happen in this neighborhood.”

Stephens’ says Robert Wong, who lived just a few doors down was a family friend.

”They always be nice. We’re always exchanging Christmas gifts,” he said.

Police ask for tips in veteran’s murder on Thanksgiving Day

Three years ago on Thanksgiving Day 68-year-old Wong was shot and killed around noon during what police say was a home invasion. Wong’s Teal 2005 Honda Odyssey Minivan was stolen. It was discovered the next day almost five miles away on Crepe Myrtle.

Wong was alone at his house because he was recovering from cancer and didn’t go out with his family for Thanksgiving dinner.

”Just bring me back my favorite is what he told them when he left,” said Memphis Police Department Major Lambert Ross. ”That was the last thing he said.”

His family returned and found him lying on the floor with several gunshots.

Police say they have had only one tip.

”Some of the people in this community are retired. You got to watch out for one another and for that to happen, it kind of got past a lot of people in this neighborhood.”

Wong was beloved by friends and neighbors. He served in the Air National Guard. He finished his last round of chemotherapy a few days before he was murdered.

Stephens says his father, who died just a few days ago, shared a military background with Wong saying they were friends.

”A lot of people grew up in this community over the years,” he said. “We’ve become close friends more than friends like family.”

Police believe someone out there knows something that will lead to the killer(s) or may know who actually did it. If you do, call Crime Stoppers at 901-528-CASH.

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