Many in Memphis get tested for coronavirus after holiday

Many in Memphis get tested for coronavirus after holiday

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The day after Thanksgiving is also a holiday for many people. With cases of coronavirus escalating, a lot of people used the Friday holiday to get a free COVID-19 test.

“We cannot be too careful because she is of age and has a lot of underlying conditions and we are so happy that we have the opportunity to get tested,” Yana Wilson who got tested said.

Wilson and her mother took the opportunity to get a free COVID-19 test at the Appling City Cove location. Wilson had the test done a month and a half ago.

“I tested positive and we live together so we have to take care of her. So far she has not been sick,” she said.

Brandon Eason has been tested in the past, and he did it again to be safe.

“It needed to be done. It’s best to know than not know. I feel it’s everywhere,” Eason said.

Kailey Koss told me she was exposed to the virus a week ago at the restaurant where she works.

“They just wanted to make sure nobody has COVID before we go back and get all together even if we didn’t have symptoms, we all needed to be tested,” Koss explained.

Restaurants are being especially careful as well as dealing with restrictions on how many customers are allowed. Friday night, Overton Square had plenty of customers.

Julius Holden had his whole family tested. Everyone WMC talked with said it wasn’t a bad experience.

The Appling City testing site, right across from Memphis Animal Services, will reopen at 8:30 a.m. Saturday. There are quite a few places offering testing— go to the Shelby County Health Department’s website for a list of locations.

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