Dozens of empty shell casings found at scene of crash, shooting on I-240 near Poplar

Dozens of empty shell casings found at scene of crash, shooting on I-240 near Poplar
Police on the scene of I-240 Sunday night. (Source: TDOT)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Memphis police say they recovered 76 shell casings from the scene of a crash and shooting on I-240 Sunday night.

It happened near Poplar just before 11 p.m. and involved multiple vehicles, including one that flipped.

A police affidavit says one of the cars – a Dodge Caliber with five people inside – was following a second car – a red Hyundai Sonata with at least five people inside – from a club near Third and McLemore when the Sonata began to stall. The Caliber’s driver says they pulled off on the shoulder and a Chevrolet Tahoe crashed into the driver’s side rear-end before flipping.

Police say a witness stopped to help the driver of the overturned Tahoe but backed away when he saw several occupants from the other cars approach the SUV, yelling “you hit our car.” One of the subjects reached into his front waistband, implying a weapon.

The witness said he didn’t see a gun or hear gunshots but saw the them punching the victim before running up the embankment.

When the witness went back to help the person inside the Tahoe, he told police he heard a woman say “you shot my brother” as she walked back to one of the other vehicles.

When paramedics arrived, the Tahoe’s driver had gunshot wounds to the neck and arm. They took him to the hospital where he underwent surgery and remains in critical condition.

The Caliber’s driver went to the hospital in non-critical condition with injuries from the crash. She says she was disoriented when her airbag deployed but heard multiple gunshots.

A third person went to the hospital in a private vehicle – a dark-colored sedan -- that left the scene before officers arrived. Police say he was uncooperative but said he was shot at the club near Third and McLemore.

A second witness told police they saw a black sedan with heavy front end damage near the Tahoe before speeding away. The witness followed the sedan to an apartment complex in Frayser.

Police recovered a mirror cap belonging to a 2003-2005 Chevrolet Cavalier they believe was involved in the crash but left the scene.

Lanes of I-240 were blocked during the investigation.
Lanes of I-240 were blocked during the investigation. (Source: TDOT)

In addition to 76 shell casings from multiple weapons, investigators found an extended magazine in one of the car’s floor boards, another handgun magazine in the front passenger door and a box of ammunition in the backseat.

Police say none of the Hyundai’s occupants were on the scene when officers arrived.

Officers received several reports of a group of men walking off the interstate, up an embankment to Poplar and near Jefferson and Claybrook.

When officers arrived, they saw a silver Infiniti running red lights before heading southbound on I-240 from Union.

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