Breakdown: Why a Bermuda Triangle exists in space

Breakdown: Why a Bermuda Triangle exists in space

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Since the 19th century, stories have circulated of ships disappearing in the mysterious Bermuda Triangle in the northern Atlantic Ocean. Although spaceships aren’t completely vanishing, there is an area in space where major issues occur.

This area is referred to as the “Bermuda Triangle of Space,” but it is officially called the South Atlantic Anomaly. In this area, the Earth’s magnetic field is weak, which allows rays from the sun to come closer to Earth. This increased solar radiation causes more energetic cosmic particles, which can damage spacecraft.

For example, an electrical outlet can arc if there is too much charge. The same thing can happen to spacecrafts if they experience this increased particle charge when traveling through the South Atlantic Anomaly.

To avoid damage to satellites and other spacecrafts, they will shut down power while they pass through this area. Astronauts have experienced system failures if they did not shut down before entering this region in space. The Japanese satellite Hitomi crashed back down to Earth after mission control lost communication during its pass through this area.

Although this can be dangerous for ships and astronauts traveling in space, the electromagnetic field (including this area) actually block dangerous radiation from making its way to Earth.

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