Shelby County Health Department director ‘disappointed’ weekend party was not shut down

Shelby County Health Department director ‘disappointed’ weekend party was not shut down
Nightclub investigation (Source: WMC Action News 5)

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Shelby County Health Department Director Alisa Haushalter says she’s “disappointed” a weekend party at a Winchester Road nightclub wasn’t shut down.

The County Commission questioned Haushalter about the party at club In Love Memphis during Wednesday’s meeting.

The SCHD said Tuesday a written plan had not been submitted for the event, and it was under investigation.

Part of the department’s investigation has been determining if there was any discrimination during this inspection or any other inspections over the weekend.

SCHD investigating holiday weekend party

“Part of what we’ve had to look at for two days is, every other inspection that happened over the weekend,” said Haushalter. “Were there similar violations or not? Again, all I had to go on is, they weren’t wearing masks and they weren’t social distancing.”

Haushalter said she has asked the City of Memphis to issue a citation but she has not heard back. She said if the city opts not to issue a citation she would like to know. The club could still be shut down according to Haushalter.

COVID-19 concerns surrounds holiday weekend party

“I had conversations with the county attorney, also with the City of Memphis and our inspector to determine the most appropriate way to move forward which still can include closures,” Haushalter said. “It can include a fine issued by the city and an expectation that that business owner provides a list of everyone that attended that event so that we can contact them directly.”

If the nightclub is issued a citation, the owner could appeal.

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