Memphis Animal Services gives tips on adopting pets for Christmas

Memphis Animal Services gives tips on adopting pets for Christmas

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Giving a pet as a gift for Christmas is sure to put a smile on someone’s face, but are you prepared to take care of your new addition? Memphis Animal Services has tips on what you need to know before adopting pets this holiday.

“The holiday season is always a time when people think about love and family and togetherness. So, adding a pet in your home naturally fits into that,” Alexis Pugh, Executive Director of Memphis Animal Services, said.

The city’s animal shelter welcomes adoptions this time of year.

“One of the big questions we get is, should we allow people to give pets as gifts? And we actually have no problem with that at all,” Pugh said, “As long as the person giving the gift has some of the responsibility for making sure the pet is cared for long term.”

So, gifting a pet in your own home is a good idea! Just be prepared for the additional expenses needed to care for them long term.

“The regular veterinary care, the constant food, adequate shelter, all of these things; but most importantly the time love and attention that a pet needs when it comes into a new home environment,” Pugh said.

If you do want to gift a pet to a friend, there are alternative ways to do so.

“We can give you a gift certificate - a credit - where they can come in and do their own adoption shopping,” Pugh explained, “Or, why not make a donation to an animal charity or Memphis Animal Services on behalf of your friend?”

Memphis Animal Services plans to have some adoption specials during the month of December for the holiday season. However, those interested in adopting will have to schedule a time to pick up a pet, as adoptions are by appointment only due to the pandemic.

For more information on adopting a pet from MAS, visit the shelter’s site here:

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