Breakdown: Why you can see the moon during the day

Breakdown: Why you can see the moon during the day

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -Although we are used to seeing the moon at night, sometimes we can also see the moon during the day.

This is because the moon is reflecting the sun’s light. When the moon is in a sweet spot in the sky, it reflects the light so much that it is brighter than the sky.

The moon is only visible when the sun is up in the sky at the same time. The sun has to be at a certain distance and not too close so that you can see it.

The moon is visible in daylight nearly every day, the exceptions are when it’s close to new moon, when the moon is too close to the sun to be visible or too close to a full moon (when it is only visible at night). The best times in the month to see the moon in daylight are close to first and last quarter, when the moon is 90 degrees away from the sun.

During the new moon, the moon is between the sun and the Earth and the side of the moon that is lit by the sun is facing away from our planet. This means that the moon is not visible because all of the sun’s light is getting reflected away from us.

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