Breakdown: Geminid Meteor Shower-why it is one of the brightest

Breakdown: Geminid Meteor Shower-why it is one of the brightest

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) -One of the best and brightest meteor showers will peak on Sunday night December 13th. The Geminid Meteor shower is one of the strongest due it’s activity and multi-colored meteors.

The shower can produce over 100 meteors per hour and some astronomers predict that this year, 2020 could produce up to 150 per hour. That averages to about two to three meteors per minute according to the American Meteor Society. Another cool thing about the Geminid Meteor shower is that you don’t have to stay up too late to see it. The Geminids usually gets going around 9 pm and increases in activity through 2 AM. This year the moon will be in the new moon phase so there will be no competition with moonlight. Another thing that makes the Geminids easier for viewing is the meteors don’t move quite as fast.

Aside from having high activity, the Geminids also known to produce bright multi-colored meteors. The bright multi-colored meteors are produced by the elements that make up the meteors. As the meteors burn up in the atmosphere, the elements glow in vibrant colors with each color representing a particular element according to the American Meteor Society.

The best way to watch the Geminid Meteor shower in action is to find spot away from city lights. Astronomers suggest you lie flat on the ground and look up. Meteors will likely appear in any part of the sky, but astronomers say that they’ll appear to radiate from near the constellation Gemini.

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