TDH: Over 11,000 new COVID-19 cases identified in Tennessee

History of COVID-19: The new coronavirus

SHELBY COUNTY, Tenn. (WMC) - The Tennessee Department of Health reported 11,352 new coronavirus cases and 62 more deaths in the last 24 hours. This new data comes as a FedEx plane landed in Memphis with their first shipment of vaccines Sunday.

The state’s death toll has risen to 5,462.

TDH also reports nearly 400,000 recoveries in the Volunteer State and 2,680 hospitalizations.

Nearly 5 million COVID-19 tests have been administered across the state.

Shelby County Health Department is reporting 695 new cases across the county with an additional seven virus-related deaths.

The county’s total cases count has risen to more than 54,900 and there have 738 Shelby Countians to die due to complications with the virus.

According to data from SCHD, there are over 4,300 active cases countywide accounting for about 7.9% of all cases.

How COVID-19 cases are looking in nearby counties:

  • Tipton County: 4,297
  • Desoto County: 11,868
  • Crittenden County: 3,485

As the virus continues to surge, the nation has been stirring about the arrival of a vaccine.

On Sunday, shipping giant FedEx is set to arrive in Memphis with some of the first doses of the vaccine. Health care workers and nursing homes are expected to be the first recipients.

The health department reports shrinking capacity at Shelby County hospitals. As of December 10, 91% of acute care beds and 93% of ICU beds are utilized -- 15% and 36%, respectively, with COVID-19 patients.

Healthcare Resource Tracking System
Healthcare Resource Tracking System (Source: SCHD)

The health department said the county has plenty of testing capacity available, and anyone who needs a test can get one.

There are two community drive-thru testing sites open that do not require an appointment. They’re open 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

  • 2355 Appling City Cove
  • 1720 RKS Commercial Cove (off Lamar Avenue)

The health department released new information concerning an early treatment for people who test positive for coronavirus and have the following risk factors.

  • Anyone over age 12 with obesity, chronic kidney disease, diabetes or whose immunity is compromised by disease or prescription treatments.
  • Anyone age 12-17 with sickle cell disease; neuromuscular disorder; dependence on medical intervention, such as a breathing or feeding tube; or a lung disorder such as asthma that requires daily medication.
  • Anyone over age 55 with cardiovascular disease, hypertension, COPD or other chronic respiratory diseases.
  • Anyone over age 65.

SCHD said if you test positive for coronavirus and have any of these risk factors, ask your health care provider about early COVID-19 treatments.

The health department is also investigating COVID-19 clusters where two or more cases have been identified at long-term care facilities in Shelby County. There are 27 facilities currently under investigation -- some of them experiencing more than one cluster since the beginning of the pandemic.

Both residents and staff have been infected.

Shelby County COVID-19 - Dec. 12
Shelby County COVID-19 - Dec. 12 (Source: WMC)

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