Breakdown of Tennessee’s 3-phase vaccine rollout plan

Tennessee's COVID-19 vaccine distribution timeline

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - UPDATE -- On December 30, the Tennessee Department of Health updated the coronavirus vaccine plan for the state. Here’s a chart breaking down the new plan.

Tenn. COVID-19 Vaccine Plan
Tenn. COVID-19 Vaccine Plan (Source: Tennessee Department of Health)

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Here’s a look at the distribution plan for Tennessee’s 3-phase COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

Phase 1

  • 1a1
    • Hospital staff workers that deal with direct patient exposure and potentially infectious material exposure.
    • Home care staff, mass testing site staff
    • Student health providers
    • Long-term care facility staff and residents including nursing facilities, group homes and assisted living centers
    • First responders with direct public exposure
  • 1a2
    • All other health care workers including those who are: primary caregivers, outpatient workers, pharmacists, patient transport workers, urgent visit center workers, environmental services, oral health and behavioral health
  • 1B
    • Adults with two or more high-risk conditions like cancer, chronic renal disease, COPD, solid organ transplant, obesity, heart failure, sickle cell, diabetes immunocompromised
    • Priority for those over the age of 65

Phase 2

  • Critical infrastructure workers
  • K-12 teachers, staff, child care workers
  • All ages with one underlying condition
  • Healthy people over 65
  • Congregate care and corrections

Phase 3

  • Young adults
  • Children
  • Workers in places with higher exposure risk: universities, entertainment, goods-producing industries

Phase 4

  • Anyone that has not been vaccinated

On Tuesday, we reached out to the Shelby County Health Department on where the county currently is regarding the distribution plan. Here’s what health department director Alisa Haushalter had to say:

“The Health Department’s COVID-19 vaccinations are currently earmarked for the groups described as 1a1 on page 12 of the Tennessee Department of Health’s COVID-19 vaccination plan here:

We ask the public, including those 65 and older, who do not fall within the 1a1 priority group to wait until their respective priority group is scheduled for vaccinations. It is critical that we focus on those workers who are at high risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus while serving the public. Everyone is encouraged to remain up to date on the latest information regarding the vaccine including which priority groups are receiving vaccines. As more vaccine is available, the priority groups served will be expanded. Please help us get that message out through your media platform.”

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