‘I’m a vaccine’: Cartoon explains safety measures in Schoolhouse Rock style

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(Gray News) - The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health created a cartoon for the young and the young-at-heart to help explain how a vaccine is created, and it’s a flash from the past.

How does a vaccine go from an idea into reality? In this video, inspired by Schoolhouse Rock!'s iconic "I'm Just a Bill"...

Posted by Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health on Tuesday, December 29, 2020

Paying homage to Schoolhouse Rock’s iconic “I’m a Bill” cartoon, “The Story of a Vaccine” uses a talking vaccine vial as a narrator, sharing with a random, mask-wearing skateboarder the several steps involved in making sure a hypothetical coronavirus vaccine is safe and effective.

About a quarter of the public remains hesitant, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation.

The government has approved the Pfizer and Moderna coronavirus vaccines, and they are being distributed to targeted, at-risk populations across the nation.

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