Mississippi will vaccinate more health care workers this week

Vaccinating health care workers in Mississippi

MISSISSIPPI (WMC) - Starting Monday, health care workers who haven’t been vaccinated can visit 18 drive-thru clinics in Mississippi. DeSoto and Panola counties are some of the places that will have drive-thru clinics.

This vaccine rollout will include those in administrative and support positions in hospitals or clinics.

Again, the state has seen a high of hospitalizations. Dr. LouAnn Woodard, with the University of Mississippi Medical Center, said as bad as things are now hospitals fear they will get worse because of cases developed between Christmas and New Year’s.

UMMC: COVID-19 conditions expected to worsen in Mississippi

”What we’re all sort of bracing ourselves for and what we’re very concerned about we do not think that from the standpoint of deaths or hospitalizations, or even new daily cases that we’ve hit our peak yet I think we’re still a couple of weeks out from that.”

Health care workers will have to schedule an appointment to be vaccinated at one of the drive-through sites. State epidemiologist Dr. Paul Byers said more than 2,500 health care workers have already scheduled an appointment next week.

Drive-thru clinics open Monday for COVID-19 vaccinations in Mississippi

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