Lawmakers finish out the day’s business after chaos on Capitol Hill

Peter Zampa on Capitol Hill chaos

WASHINGTON (WMC) - As the situation in Washington escalated Wednesday afternoon, lawmakers were shuffled out of the house and senate chambers to safety, and workers in other buildings were also relocated.

The Capitol is reported to be secure, according to reports from officials but one woman was fatally shot during the chaos.

Lawmakers were deliberating over the first objection to the Electoral College vote from the state of Arizona when images of a swarmed Capitol began to surface. Sirens have been the soundtrack on Capitol Hill ever since.

Washington DC is under curfew until the early hours of Thursday morning.

“I’ve never seen anything like this,” said Peter Zampa from our DC Bureau. “I’ve been here for five years, not once has anything gone this poorly to this extent as far as protests are concerned.”

Lawmakers are shaken by the day’s events, condemning the acts of those who sieged the building. But they were not deterred from finishing out the day’s business.

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