Mid-South transportation departments on standby as wintry weather could bring black ice

Black ice warning for Mid-South drivers

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - The snowy weather we saw in the Mid-South Monday could give way to one overnight danger -- black ice on the roads.

The interstate appears to be in good shape. Traffic is moving without any apparent problems. The snow stopped a few hours ago but state and local officials are on standby in case any water on the roadways freezes.

It is not a common sight in the Mid-South, snow falling throughout the day landing on bushes, the ground making everything beautiful.

Not so much to be frightening, but enough to bring out the playfulness in Oxford firefighters who created their own very impressive snow firefighter who can’t actually go to a fire because of melting hazards.

When it snows in Oxford.... Thanks A-shift and Firefighter Jeff Taylor!

Posted by Oxford Fire on Monday, January 11, 2021

But the prediction of snow was enough for the city and state to get out on the roads and put out brine on Sunday.

Crews also monitored the roads bridges and overpasses throughout Monday’s snowfall.

Nichole Lawrence with the Tennessee Department of Transportation said traffic helped clear snow off the interstate.

“For the most part all of our highways are dry,” said Lawrence. “There’s wind and there’s traffic in our highways for daily commutes for people that helps dry out our highways.”

The real fear is black ice -- water left on the road that can freeze as the temperatures drop.

As night falls the darkness makes it difficult for drivers to see that black ice. It is hard to tell if this is ice or water.

The City of Memphis has crews on standby if the roads need more treatment. The state is doing the same thing.

“Ya’ll are predicting for temperatures to be in the 20′s overnight,” said Lawrence. “Just to kind of cover ourselves and cover the highway with some more product to make sure if there is any black ice that will help warm the product up.”

The Mississippi Department of Transportation is also warning drivers to watch out for black ice or frozen water on the roadways. And MDOT is also monitoring the roadways in case they need more treatment.

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