Nashville police monitoring 3 planned protests at Tennessee State Capitol

Nashville police monitoring 3 planned protests at Tennessee State Capitol
This Jan. 8, 2020, photo shows the Tennessee State Capitol in Nashville, Tenn. (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey) (Source: Mark Humphrey)

NASHVILLE, TN (WMC/WSMV) - The FBI has warned law enforcement agencies across the country about possible armed protests at 50 state capitols before Joe Biden’s inauguration.

In Nashville, police said they are preparing for at least three protests over the next week and a half - even though they said there are “no threats of any violence.”

Metro Nashville Police Chief, John Drake, explained the three protests law enforcement is monitoring in a letter to Nashville Metro Council.

Letter from Metro Nashville Police
Letter from Metro Nashville Police (Source: WSMV)

The first protest is set for Tuesday morning at 11:00 by a group from Knoxville that claims to advocate for social justice.

Chief Drake said the police are working had to ensure people can peaceably assemble without injuries or property damage.

Metro Nashville Councilmember, Freddie O’Connell, whose district includes the state capitol and Nashville City Hall, said he likes the proactive communication from Metro Nashville Police.

“I have received some questions from constituents already since January 6 — ‘hey, what does this mean for Nashville?” O’Connell said. “There are profound disagreements right now among Americans and that is true among Nashvillians and Tennesseans, and my hope would be that people resolve these differences in a manner befitting of a civil society.”

Police in Nashville are also monitoring another Capitol protest on Sunday called the “Tennessee Freedom Event.” Police added there could also be a pro-Trump rally at the Capitol on Inauguration Day.

Another protest that was not included in Chief Drake’s letter is scheduled to start Tuesday morning at 7:30. It is being organized by People’s Plaza Tennessee.

Organizers said they hope to get the attention of state lawmakers who are returning to work this morning.

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