Snow days could become a thing of the past thanks to virtual learning

Snow days could be a thing of the past thanks to virtual learning

MADISON COUNTY, MS. (WLBT) - Snow days are no longer what they used to be. Since COVID-19 brought about virtual learning, school can go on despite the weather.

“It would be so sad to see snow days go away, but, at the same time, the times have changed,” said Madison Station Elementary School teacher Kristin Wilson.

The fifth grade teacher grew up in Chicago and enjoyed her fair share of snow days. But Monday she was teaching her class from home.

The district alerted teachers and students of the possible transition to virtual learning once snow was in the forecast.

“Doing things digitally, our school has done a wonderful job but our district has done a wonderful job at making it a seamless process,” said Wilson. “As you can see in the background of my screen, I have something that mimics what I would look like in my own classroom even though I’m still at home.”

Despite online classes, students were able to get out and enjoy some time in the snow. The Madison County School District has 10,000 students attending i-person classes.

“This year we consciously built into the schedule several distance learning days so that students and teacher will have that practice built-in, so they’re ready to go,” said Madison County Schools Director of Communications Gene Wright. “One silver lining of the pandemic experience has been that our teachers and our students are prepared to pivot to distance learning.”

Distance learning during inclement weather will allow school districts to meet the required number of attendance days without having to make up days at the end of the year or eliminate holidays.

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