Ark. governor touches on pandemic, Capitol riot in State of the State Address

Gov. Hutchinson delivers State of the State

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. (WMC) - Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson delivered his State of the State Address Tuesday touching on topics like the global pandemic, the recent D.C. riots in the Capitol and what he believes needs to be done moving forward.

“Today we begin this session with historic challenges besetting our nation,” said Hutchinson.

He began his State of the State Address referring to the current state of the country -- the coronavirus and a divide within the nation’s people.

“We witnessed a violent mob assault our Nation’s Capitol,” said Hutchinson. “When they breached our article one branch of government they attacked the foundations of our Democracy. And let me say clearly that each person that breached the heart of our Democracy must be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.”

Hutchinson referenced tax cuts by his administration over the years and where the state currently stands financially -- a place he says is stronger than ever.

“The state, right now, has an allocated surplus of over $200 million and after six months into our current budget year we have exceeded our revenue forecast by more than $300 million,” said Hutchinson.

He’s hopeful this year will bring legislation that will help the country beat coronavirus, reward teachers and protect health care workers all while bringing more people to the state.

“I expect legislation that will boost our economy,” said Hutchinson. “We need laws that will assure that police officers have the highest standards, are fully trained, funded and supported.”

Lastly, Hutchinson talked about Arkansas being one of the few states without a Hate Crime Bill saying now is the time to act.

“Let’s pray for our Nation, our leaders and pray for understanding, wisdom and let us pursue justice for all Americans. May God bless the United States, the state of Arkansas and your work in the coming days,” said Hutchinson.

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