MSDH says all vaccines are accounted for

Vaccines not available in Miss.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - Wednesday evening the Mississippi Department of Health said all vaccines were tied to appointments.

“At this time, we have no additional vaccine, and every appointment is tied to an actual vaccination. The Mississippi State Department of Health hopes to receive a large shipment of vaccine in mid-February that should help put additional shots in people’s arms.”

The statement comes after COVID-19 vaccine hotlines in Mississippi were down for hours, the online system was also overwhelmed.

The system became flooded Tuesday after Governor Tate Reeves announced those over the age of 65, and anyone with a pre-existing conditions were eligible to receive the vaccine.

”I am being alerted that there is an overabundance of calls and web traffic of people trying to get appointments,” said Reeves. 

Reeves is asking everyone to be patient and continue trying.

The department of health said, “Neither the county health department drive-through sites, nor the UMMC vaccine scheduling website was designed to accommodate the monumental surge we are currently experiencing.”

As of Tuesday 57,014 Mississippians received the first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine and 5,730 received the second dose.

In DeSoto County that’s a total of 1,426 people.

Reeves believes the state has developed a plan to double vaccinations.

”Because of that plan have the ability to do approximately 30,000 per week through our state operated drive thru centers alone,” said Reeves. 

MEMA, and the national guard are part of these efforts.

”Currently we are running at about 400, governor as you know, 12 sites a day,” said Major General Janson D. Boyles. 

Boyles also said they are receiving vaccinations through the department of defense, and are not competing with the state.

Reeves on vaccine rollout: ‘We’re working ahead of schedule’

Dr. Thomas Dobbs from the state department of health and Reeves have both said they expected more vaccines to be administered by long term care facilities and hospitals.

Reeves also said the reason vaccination numbers need to go up is because that will impact their supply in the future.

”It is likely that the federal government is going to start reallocating and redistributing dependent upon one’s ability to actually get shots in arms,” said Reeves.

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