VIDEO: Gangs target Memphis neighborhood in repeat shootings

Gang targets neighborhood in repeat shootings

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - A man in a neighborhood that was shot up at least three days in a row told a horrifying story of a bullet coming through his front door hitting a sofa just before he was about to let his dog out.

He gave WMC surprising videos of the shooting.

It showed four cars constantly coming back and leaving police 80 shell casings behind.

“I heard boom boom boom boom boom. They shot up the cove,” said Eddie Holland, a neighbor.

It was also caught on surveillance video.

The shooting started on Monday.

At least four vehicles drove up and down Michael Rd. in Whitehaven shooting into the cove.

You can see the flash of gunfire light up the dark sky in the video

At one point a man got out of a vehicle and started shooting under the street lights.

Holland said the bullets hit his house shattering the glass in his storm door and piercing his sofa.

Holland said he was just about to let his dog Twin out when it happened.

“It was real scary,” he said.

But it wasn’t over. The next day the vehicles came back shooting one man.

The astonishing video shows the man walking down the cove when the shooting begins.

Police said he was hit in the back.

You can see the man run taking cover behind a car appearing to shoot back.

Police believe a house at the end of the cove was the target.

WMC knocked on the door but no one answered, just a dog peeking out of the window.

Police said one of the suspects’ vehicles appeared to be a silver-gray Infiniti.

Police on Thursday said the shootings appear to be the work of the 400 Block Boys.

Investigators attributed more than 30 car break-ins to the group that police say is a gang.

Holland who has lived in the neighborhood for more than 30 years said the area used to be quiet.

“Nothing like that ever happened like that over here,” he told WMC. “It’s a nice quiet neighborhood.”

If you know anything about the shootings call Crimestoppers at 901-628-CASH.

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