Dreams to reality: Former Horn Lake football player to play in Super Bowl LV

Former Horn Lake football player to play in Super Bowl LV

MEMPHIS, Tenn. (WMC) - From the outside, the Kansas City Chiefs wreath on the windows of a Memphis house makes it clear, Chiefs fans live inside. Step through the front door and you’ll understand why.

“I told my dad, I don’t know if you’re going, but I’m going to the Super Bowl,” Yolanda Lee said.

Lee will travel to Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl. Not just because she’s a Kansas City fan. She’s going to cheer on her son, Darius Harris, play in the biggest game of his life.

“Memphis, Tennessee. He moved to Horn Lake in the 7th grade and he’s in the Super Bowl,” Harris’ mom said.

According to Lee, this came as no surprise to any of Harris’ coaches growing up. Since he started playing football at age six, he had “it.”

“Brad Boyette was his coach,” Lee said. “He sat down and told me and said Darius is a different child.”

You’re told to write down your goals if you want to make them come true. Harris wrote his down years ago. His grandad, Simon Moore recalled, “He wrote, I think it was like in the sixth grade in a book, that he was going pro.”

His journey took him from Horn Lake High School, to Middle Tennessee State University.

“That time I’m thinking he’s just going to go get him a degree, go out and get a job,” Moore added.

Darius Harris' mom and grandad
Darius Harris' mom and grandad (Source: wmc)

Harris was a linebacker at MTSU. His junior season he became a pro prospect. He was an undrafted free agent in 2019 and landed in Kansas City. He spent last season rehabbing a shoulder injury. This season he’s had a larger role. He started two games and recovered a fumble against the Atlanta Falcons.

The next step will be playing for his second ring, against his childhood idol.

“Darius has been a New England, Tom Brady fan since about six or seven when he started loving football,” Lee laughed. “Tom Brady, Patriots, 13th Birthday Party.” Moore added, “He was a die-hard Tom Brady fan. He knew every stat, everything about Tom Brady.”

He’ll have to get over that fandom when he plays for another ring against Brady and the Buccaneers.

He told his mom, ”I’m a line backer for the Kansas City Chiefs so we’re playing Tom Brady. They pay me to tackle him, so I have to tackle him.”

As the kid from Horn Lake, Mississippi lives out his dreams.

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